How To Join

SAY Recreational Youth Soccer & Administrative Requirements

If you're ready to join right now, please contact Doug Wood, Director of Marketing and Operations, at the
Soccer Association
for Youth, USA National Office.  We provide full service recreational youth soccer league support.  
CLICK HERE for our Info Request Form.


          Our recreational soccer program requires that every player plays at least half of every game, with teams being formed in a balanced manner. SAY teams  can be competitive, but having fun while developing skills is more important. Groups that join SAY are called "SAYAreas." All SAYAreas must have a  minimum of 4 teams to become a SAY member.


                    1. Complete a SAYArea Agreement Form and submit this application to our National Office. This is the initial agreement 
                             between SAY and 
your Area, which names your program and defines its geographical boundaries.

                    2. Complete an SAYArea and/or District Board List and submit this list to the National Office. This form lists your SAYArea
                             and District Board 
Members for communications from SAY. These names are not published or sold, with the exception of
                             the SAYArea President's information 
being published in our "Touchline" magazine.




                    Complete a Team Packet Order Form and submit this order to the National Office along with initial player membership fees. 
                         For every team in 
a SAYArea, we provide a team packet. This packet contains a SAY Rulebook, a Coaching Manual and
                         other miscellaneous information. 
Players that are registered after the initial payment will be covered by insurance as well
                         and will be accounted for within your final season 
report called the SAYArea Report Form.


                    Finalize the process by using the SAYArea and/or District Report Form. Think of this form as a final reconciliation. This form  
                         provides the 
National Office with a break down and final summary of the season's player registrations. Late registration fees
                         are paid at this time, or
refunded at this time if you lose players. IMPORTANT - Team Rosters must be completed and
                         submitted to the SAY National Office along
with the Report Form to be eligible for insurance coverage. The use of the SAY
                         Roster Form is NOT mandatory. We encourage database
submissions via mail or e-mail and we will also accept printed
                         copies by fax, or postal mail. All rosters must contain complete information 
as follows:

                              - SAYArea and/or District Name
                              - Team Name, Team Division (U-8, U-10, etc.), Season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)
                              - Player first and last name, street address, city, state, zip code, phone number, birth date
                              - Coaches first and last name, street address, city, state, zip code, phone number, license leve l

                      If you submit a list of Coaches separate from the players, the list must also indicate which team was coached.

                    The Soccer Association for Youth, USA's copy of the roster does not need to be signed, but the SAYAreas and/or Districts
                         and the coach 
must keep a signed copy of the official team roster.
                    The Coach signature should indicate that the team is made up of legal players and the roster should be verified by an
  All SAY forms can be located HERE

                    If you have any problems printing them out, call the National Office at (800) 233-7291 and we will mail or fax them to you.