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Any SAY Area or District can set-up to have their own Coaching Clinic by SAY's National Director of Coaching, Neil Bradford. The main theme of the clinics is "Introduction to Age Appropriate Soccer Training." Please check below for further details on all courses offered.

The cost of the clinic is $20 per coach minimum 15 coaches. A $300 up front deposit made to SAY National Office will be required to reserve a clinician and date. If clinic has more than 15 coaches attend, the National office will bill the organization after the clinic has taken place.

Please use the SAY Coaching Checklist to help you with the organization of the event and be sure to book early, dates fill up fast.


Photo submitted by: Bob MacKenzie of Peninsula Soccer League San Diego, CA  

SAY Coaching Clinics:
Any SAYArea or District can set-up to have their own Coaching Clinic by SAY's National Director of Coaching, Neil Bradford. The main theme of the clinic is "Introduction to Age Appropriate Soccer Training." There is a minimum of 20 coaches per clinic. There are two options to the type of clinic you want to offer your coaches. You can have the clinic any time or any venue of your choice.

Coaching Clinic Deluxe Coaching Clinic NSCAA / SAY Youth Coach Certificate
$20 per coach
2-3 hour clinic (age specific or general)

Clinic Booklet

Hands on Instruction
Yearly membership in SAY's Coaches Club
$27 per coach
2-3 hour clinic (age specific or general)
clinic booklet
hands on instruction
Yearly membership in  SAY's Coaches Club
NSCAA/ SAY youth developement certification
Victory Soccer Ball
Coaching Manual
$20 per coach
3 hour clinic (exercises and drills)
NSCAA Certificate
SAY Coaching Badge
Yearly membership in SAY's Coaches Club
Coaching Clinic Booklet

For questions or to schedule a clinic for your coaches contact our Director of Coaching,
Neil Bradford at or call 800-233-7291.

  Coaching Clinic Checklist
Make the most of your clinic experience by being prepared!

Here are a few reviews from past coaching clinics:

"You just finished the two day Coaches Clinic at Shawnee High School for our Shawnee Youth Soccer Association and WCOSA league....great stuff, I rate your EXCELLENT in style, personality, energy, content and know Warren Buffet looks for three aspects in a person to hire, Passion, Skills and Integrity....I give you 10's in all three. I've already received several positive comments from those who attended. I look forward to applying your insights into my own Coaching efforts to help the children grow on and off the pitch! I enjoyed meeting you and appreciate you/SAY's efforts to positively impact our children's lives." Patrick O. (Lima, OH)

  "I have to say that Neil is top notch. All the information he gave us was right on track and he was extremely enthusiastic about teaching the game. I took away a whole lot of great information I can adapt for my practices. The most important thing I believe he taught (me at least) was to have fun and show the kids that this is the primary reason we are all here. His drills involved a lot of (for lack of a better word) horseplay and he taught us how to get the team to communicate and work together and have fun out on the field. I would recommend this clinic not only for first-timers, but for seasoned veterans also." Bob T. (Fairfield, OH)

  "Wanted to follow up and say how great I thought the coaches clinic was on Saturday, even despite the weather!! You did a great job keeping the session    entertaining while teaching us some great games to use!" Doug W. (Fairfield,OH)


Additional Clinic Options
    NSCAA Course Names:
    SAY will pay for half the cost of any SAY hosted Junior Level 2 or Junior Level 5 up to the first twenty (20) attendees. The National Soccer
    Coaches Association of America is a great resource. A minimum of fifteen (15) coaches is needed to hold the clinic. The entry level clinic is
    called  a "Junior Level 2" and is $35 per coach. The "Junior Level 5" is $60 per coach. Maximum benefit per clinic: Junior Level 2 is $350.
    Junior Level 5 is $600.

    How it works... SAY League representative calls with contact name, date, a location, and the level of clinic they would like to hold. SAY then
    contacts the NSCAA Regional Director assigned to your state. The Director then secures qualified clinician. John Bluem, Ohio State Men's
    Soccer coach for example. The Director and/or the secured clinician will then contact SAY league representative to finalize the details. The
    SAY  league will receive the primary bill from the NSCAA. A copy of this bill accompanied with list of attendees must be sent to SAY National
    Headquarters for re-reimbursement. Visit to learn more about course descriptions and membership.

    At NO expense to SAY leagues. A syllabus is provided from the professionals at SAYTEC (Soccer Association for Youth Training and
    Education  Committee). The SAY Area and/or District then select a local clinician who meets trainer prerequisites listed in the syllabus. Your
    chosen clinician  then   designs a curriculum around the syllabus. Submit your curriculum to SAY National care of SAYTEC. Once approved,
    a confirmation letter will 
be sent   confirming the acceptance of your clinic. Optional: submit a list of attendees for each clinic accompanied
    by $5.00 per coach to the SAY 
National Office   and the appropriate patch and certificate will be mailed to each coach.